Kindergarten Websites
This website is a wonderful place for students to go and try educational games that go along with the PBS Shows that they watch! Click above to check it out!
Starfall is a website for students to learn about letters and reading activties. If you notice your child is having some issues with memorizing letters this may be a website that will help them assosciate a sound with the right letter!
Education City is an online program that we have at the Primary Center. Make sure you have your child's login information and password. This can be given to you from your child's teacher! This program offers different reading, math and science practice for students to try!
ABC YA has 21 different games and storybooks for your child to play and practice. This is a wonderful website to practice letters, letter sounds, and listening to a story. This website only offers reading/alphabet practice for grades K-5.
Science Bob has fun activities to try at your home wiht your child. This is a website that has experiments for PARENTS to try with his/her child, not your child by his/her self. This website is not kid-friendly for your child but is a good resource if you are wanting experiments that we do with your child for 3rd Quarter Celebrations! Please try at your own risk :)
TVO Kids is a website that has many different games and resouces for you and your child! The activities range from arts and science to math and reading, and many more! Be sure to help your child with this website due to the many links and activities he/she can do! This website also has another link for students 6 to 11 years old! This website is wonderful for an older sibling or extra practice for your child as he/she grows!